Terrance L Bartell, P. C. certified public accountants welcomes you to our firm. As a CPA in the Denver metro area for over 16 years, we have the skills to meet your accounting and business consulting needs whether you’re a small business, nonprofit organization, or individual taxpayer. We specialize in offering exceptional customer service and because we have an understanding of their unique and individual needs, we cater to small businesses and nonprofit organizations who may get lost in the shuffle of larger accounting firms.

Terrance Bartell is the owner and operator of Terrance L Bartell, P. C. certified public accountants and his goal is that we go above and beyond for every client, as this is how his reputation has been built over the years. You will find that we offer a wide range of accounting services and that we will be a valuable resource for any tax questions or accounting issues that should arise throughout the year.

Some of the services our firm can help the individual taxpayer with are:

  • Annual tax planning and preparation
  • Assistance and advice for real estate transactions
  • Long term estate planning
  • Financial planning and long-term savings review

Small businesses and nonprofits can expect:

  • Tax planning and preparation for all types of entities including C Corps, S Corps, LLC’s, and Partnerships
  • Payroll tax compliance
  • Sales tax compliance
  • Entity selection assistance for tax purposes
  • QuickBooks installation
  • Audits, reviews, and compilations

We understand that many larger accounting firms may overcharge small businesses or charge for services that nonprofits don’t need. Our firm customizes accounting services to your organization’s specific needs so you can always rest assured that you’re paying a fair price for only the services that will benefit your business. We look forward to helping your business grow and thrive.

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Terrance Bartell, CPA specializes in helping nonprofits with all of their accounting needs. Terrance has worked with nonprofit organizations for over thirty years, and he understands the unique needs that arise when it comes to nonprofit audits, financial statements, tax preparations, and bookkeeping.

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Nonprofit Audits

If you’re in need of a nonprofit audit in Denver, Terrence Bartell is the CPA you want to speak to. Terrance knows the requirements of nonprofit businesses operating in Colorado, and working with someone who understands these unique needs is an invaluable resource for your business.

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Tax Services

Having a reputable CPA on your small business team is an invaluable investment. Terrance Bartell is your premiere small business tax accountant and he specializes in helping small business and small non-profit businesses that are often overlooked and overcharged by bigger accounting firms.

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IRS Resolution

Building a relationship with a tax professional can be your greatest asset if you’re ever audited. When you work with a CPA like Terrence Bartell, he’ll already know and understand your tax history and he’ll have access to your records and financial information. He’ll be able to answer any questions that the IRS has so that your audit can be resolved in a timely manner, with little stress for you.

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Small Business Consulting

Your accountant is a valuable resource for your growing business, not just during tax season, but also for any questions that may arise throughout the year. Whether you’re just getting off the ground and need help setting up your business, or you’re a well-seasoned business owner, Terrance has the experience and knowledge to meet your needs.

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If you run a small business or nonprofit organization you may encounter the need for a review. A review is conducted by an independent auditor and is done in order to determine if a business or nonprofit organization’s financial statements are consistent with general accounting principals.

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ompilations are the gathering and organizing of business financial documentation in a way that complies with standard accounting practices. Different from an audit or a review, a compilation doesn’t provide any assurance that the business financial statements reflect an accurate view of the financial position of the organization.

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Our firm provides the accounting, write-up, and tax planning and QuickBooks experience necessary to help your business on QuickBooks throughout the year. Our firm will provide the necessary support you need to insure that your company’s books are organized and accurate to ease that end of year stress in the tax return preparation for year end.

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