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Tax Accounting:

Come visit your friendly Cherry Creek tax accountant, and learn more about our services. Whether you’re filing as an individual or a small business, most people dread tax time. This is because most of us have no idea how to handle deductions, write-offs, or liabilities. If you’re not familiar with these concepts, you may be losing valuable dollars when it comes to your taxes because how will you know if you’re filing correctly and receiving the refund you deserve?

Wouldn’t it be great to apply that refund back into your business, or into your home or next big vacation? When you work with a Certified Public Accountant, or CPA for tax accounting or services, you can rest assured that your taxes are being done correctly and that you’re receiving exactly what’s due to you.

Terrance Bartell is a Cherry Creek CPA who has been providing tax accounting and services in Denver to individuals and small businesses for over thirty years.

When you work with Terrance you can expect individualized tax services at a fair price that is based on your specific needs. Including individual Tax accounting and Services right here in Cherry Creek.


Individual Tax Services right here in the Denver 80206 Cherry Creek.

If you’re looking for personal tax help in the 80206 Denver Cherry Creek area, think twice before you choose a “big box” provider that you might find at your grocery store. While these providers can complete your taxes, unfortunately they’re in a hurry to meet their goals and numbers, which could mean that your taxes may not be accurate or prepared correctly. They also won’t be there to back you up if you should encounter questions or an audit with the IRS down the road.

When you work with a private CPA like Terrance Bartell, Denver (CPA) located in the 80206 Cherry Creek area, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re building a relationship with someone who will be your tax accounting service and resource throughout the year and beyond.

You’ll be able to contact Terrance with any question that should arise during the year and he’ll help you plan your finances and taxes so you’ll be in a great position for next year’s tax season. He will also back you up if questions should arise at any time with the IRS.

Individual Services

For the individual Terrance can help with:

  • Annual tax planning and preparation
  • Assistance and advice for real estate transactions
  • Long-term estate planning
  • Financial planning and long-term savings review
  • Small Business Tax Services

Having a reputable CPA on your small business team is an invaluable investment. Terrance L Bartell is your premiere Denver, 80206 and Cherry Creek area small business tax accountant and services resource that specializes in helping small business and small non-profit businesses that are often overlooked and overcharged by larger accounting firms.

Terrance helps businesses plan strategies that will minimize tax liabilities without decreasing profits right here in the Denver Cherry Creek area. Let Terrance be your resource for questions and planning throughout the year so you’ll have a long-term plan for your business that aligns with your personal and professional goals.

Small Business Expectations

Small businesses that work with Terrance can expect:

  • Tax planning and preparation for all types of entities including C Corps, S Corps, LLC’s, and Partnerships
  • Payroll tax compliance
  • Sales tax compliance
  • Entity selection assistance for tax purposes

Whether you select Terrence Bartell for your personal or business tax accounting and services, or both, you can rest assured that you’re receiving accurate accounting services backed by years of advanced training and experience.

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