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If you run a small business or nonprofit organization you may encounter the need for a review. A review is conducted by an independent auditor and is done in order to determine if a business or nonprofit organization’s financial statements are consistent with general accounting principals.

It’s important to note that a review doesn’t guarantee the financial security of the business or organization, it does however, provide an overview of accounting practices that the business uses, and ensures that there are no modifications to the financial statements needed to be in compliance with professional accounting standards and best practices.

Terrance Bartell, CPA has been providing tax services to individual small businesses and nonprofit organizations in the Denver metro area for over thirty years. These services include small business and nonprofit reviews.

Reviews ensure that financial documents are in order and can be used to present to lenders, investors and stockholders to assure that best accounting practices are being applied.

Why seek a specialist?

Terrance specializes in working with small businesses and nonprofits because he understands the unique needs of these companies. He focuses on offering personalized customer service for smaller businesses and organizations that sometimes get lost within the larger accounting firms who are used to handling accounting services for large businesses. Many times smaller businesses are overcharged or presented with services that they don’t necessarily need, and for this reason Terrance offers small businesses and nonprofits accounting services that are tailored to their individual needs and priced accordingly.

When you work with Terrance Bartell, you’re receiving exceptional service and an invaluable resource who will support your business, not just during tax season, but also throughout the entire year.

Contact Terrance today to learn more about the small business accounting services he offers, and how he can help your business thrive.

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