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Non-Profit Accounting:

As a not for profit business or organization, you may not be required by federal or state law to perform an audit. However, there are a number of reasons that requesting an audit for your establishment can be potentially beneficial. An organization or not for profit business can remain in good standing with clientele by requesting non-profit accounting services such as an audit to disclose transparency, and financial honesty. Certain companies even choose to provide the final report online.

If you’re in need of a non-profit audit for your business or organization in the Cherry Creek, Denver area, Terrence Bartell P.C. is the CPA you can trust. Providing you with the resources and services you need to remain in good financial standing, so that you can keep your peace of mind. Including review, preparation, and even financial reports. You run your business, let us here at Terrance Bartell (CPA) handle the specifics.

We understand that each state has different audit requirements for nonprofit organizations, and certain states also require audited financial statements. Terrance knows the requirements of nonprofit businesses operating in Colorado, and working with someone who understands these unique needs is an invaluable resource for your business or organization. We focus on the needs of you as an individual to provide you with the most efficient and helpful service available.

Just one of the issues that a non-profit business or organization can run into while working with a larger certified public accounting firm, are your standard fees. Larger accounting firms can charge smaller organizations fees for services that are normally meant for potentially much larger businesses. Certain services that may not be necessary for your business. This can eventually take a toll on your financial flow. Here at Terrance L Bartell P.C. Certified Accounting Services, we believe that competitive pricing should be fair, and based off of your personal specifications along with the services you actually need. Individual focus is key here with Terrance L Bartell P.C. Accounting Services so that you always know we’re here for you individually.

Contact Terrence L Bartell (CPA) today to learn more about how he can provide you with year round service. Allow Terrance L Bartell (CPA) be your ultimate accounting resource, and you’ll notice a difference right away in the level of one of a kind, personalized customer service that Terrance L Bartell P.C. Certified Public Accounting (CPA) offers. Leave your accounting woes behind. We’re here for you. Always.




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