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Terrance Bartell, CPA is your premiere small business tax accountant in Denver. His specialty is small businesses and nonprofit organizations who may get lost in the shuffle of larger accounting firms. Because smaller businesses are often overlooked and overcharged in the wake of larger businesses, Terrance tailors his services to each individual organization’s needs, and he prices his services accordingly.

This ensures that you’re receiving and paying for only the services that your business needs and that you receive individualized attention, not only during tax season, but also throughout the entire year.

One of the services that Terrance provides is compilation of financial statements. Compilations are the gathering and organizing of business financial documentation in a way that complies with standard accounting practices. Different from an audit or a review, a compilation doesn’t provide any assurance that the business financial statements reflect an accurate view of the financial position of the organization. It does however, organize the financial documents of the small business in the standard format of accounting best practices.

Compilations are useful for nonprofits or small businesses who may not have the internal staffing to put their financial documents and records into professional format.

A compilation is less expensive than an audit or review and can organize financial information in a way that banks or lenders can easily review. It’s also a good way for a business to be made aware of any irregularities that need addressing.

Consider consulting with Terrance Bartell for your compilation and any other small business accounting needs you may have. Serving the Denver metro area for over thirty years has given Terrance the knowledge, skills and experience to provide his clients with exceptional accounting services. You’ll appreciate the level of care and customer service you receive and the expertise that Terrance offers to his clients as a resource year round.

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